Is it possible to integrate sync gateway with legacy systems without needing to duplicate data in the cloud

I had a look at " Sync Gateway: beyond just sync – Connect Silicon Valley 2017" on youtube, which explains how you might integrate non-couch database systems with the sync gateway.

Thought it mainly talks about how to listen for changes from sync gateway, and write to other data source using a custom script … an example with diagram is given here

I’m mean the Sync Gateway has a rest api so integration is going to be pretty straight forward. I’m more interested in publish my changes through the sync gateway to mobile users, and since I am using mongo I could use it’s change streams and push data to the sync gateway using the REST Api once again.

I imagine I’d still need the couchbase server to manage security. But the actual data for the whole organisation is massive, since we have to pay for data storage in the cloud we would rather avoid duplicating our mongo data in a couchbase bucket.

Based on the diagram sg-stream-demo I originally though the redundant couchbase data store wouldn’t be required, now that I’ve started setting it I am not so sure.

Could someone with more experience with the ecosystem tell me if I can use sync gateway without having to duplicate my integrated mongo database as a couchbase database just to use sync gateway and couchbase lite on model?

Sorry, you have to have your data in Couchbase Server to use Sync Gateway. (At least, all the data you want to publish to mobile clients.)

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