Serverless Architecture?


Just about creating new mobile web apps and was wondering about the possibility (and your opinion about) using Sync Gateway towards Couchbase server without having any application server (no backend).


This is possible. The db will be handled with couchbase , all syncing is handled by sync gateway, if need a webapp with 5.1 data can directly be changed on the server. All the business logic transfers to App. So yes this is absolutely the correct use as per my opinion.

Thanks Pankaj!

Say I do need to write data from my mobile app - is this possible using Couchbase Lite + SG?

Check out the various blogs on the topic . Make sure you look for the ones from 2018. Yes , you sync data between sync gateway and Couchbase Lite. Couchbase Server takes care of data persistence. You can leverage Couchbase Eventing Service which is Beta or integrate with public cloud functions .

Thanks @priya.rajagopal!

I might use a confusing term (serverless)…

I am asking about the possibility of using Couchbase without application server. BaaS.

Something like Kinvey are offering on top of MongoDB but hopefully this can be achieved directly towards Couchbase without needing another provider in the middle.

Ah… so you mean like a DBaaS offering ? Right now, you are responsible for hosting and managing the services on the private or public cloud of your choice. We are evaluating managed cloud services offerings though …

Yes, we will be responsible for hosting and managing Couchbase servers, but were hoping to, at least initially, have the clients (web, mobile) talk directly to Couchbase server without any application server in the middle. Sounds reasonable?

hmm…can you define what you mean by “Application server” ? Typically an app server is where your app logic resides .

Yep, initially only needed logic runs on the client, so any data can be read from or written directly to the database.

OK…So you are only looking for a backend data store. Then yes, you can use the Sync Gateway to automatically sync data between Couchbase Server and your CBL enabled mobile apps. In fact the ToDo sample app has no application server backend.

Great. Thanks for the reference!