Is it possible to configure Community Edition Server + sync_gateway + mobile app to use SSL?

I’ve been hunting around the internet looking for details on how to configure the COMMUNITY edition of server + sync-gateway to use SSL. I have a mobile app and I need to secure the connection back to the sync_gateway server - and all connections in the solution.

I am using Ubuntu 14.x + Community 4.1.0.

If someone could point me to a document/tutorial that would be great.

Or just tell me it’s not possible if that’s the case.

Or - should I consider using a reverse proxy?

If yes to the reverse proxy… Apache or Nginx?


Sync Gateway can do SSL termination, here is a wiki page.

There is also a set of example files

This approach becomes harder to manage when you need to scale out Sync gateway beyond a single instance.

In this case it is usually better to terminate SSL connection at a reverse-proxy/load balancer.

There is an example of configuring nginx

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That’s excellent - thank you for the link. I search high and low, but never thought to check the Github repo (and somehow G seems to miss this resource).