How to enable SSL on Couchbase Server, Public API and Couchbase Sync Gateway


I have been working on Couchbase from past 8 months. Now the time has come to work with SSL. can you please help me on this. I’m using CentOS. i have my own SSL certificate. Now i want support my Public API and Couchbase Server must working with SSL i mean https instead of http. Please let me know the step my step process to achieve this.

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I am now having the same question… Anyone experienced could kindly share something?

no yet solution ?

SSL support between Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway is now available with Sync Gateway 1.5 (which is now GA). You can read more about it in the [release notes]

Note that you would use couchbases:// scheme and not https:// for using SSL.

hi thanks for reply
i have couchbase 4.5.1 and Sync Gateway 1.3.1
i tried put in config file of sync gateway the param SSLCert with the path of cert and changed the protocol and port in databases section

"SSLCert": "HerePathCert" ,

but don’t work any advice for my case

As mentioned in my previous response, SSL support between Couchbase Server and SGW is only available with SGW 1.5. It is not supported in older versions.

While this is a moot point with your version of SGW, the docs link I shared also indicates that the scheme cannot be https:// - it is couchbases://

Hi @priya.rajagopal
i found my problem
i didnt set the param SSLKey
both SSLCert and SSLKey in pem format
and the scheme for SGW 1.3.1 is https
the server params will look like these https://host:18091

thanks for your help.