Is Couchbase Lite 1.2 really out?

The main download page shows CBL for iOS has 1.2 as the current version, but after downloading that version the CBLVersion number is “1.2 (unofficial)”

This, combined with the fact that the documentation on the site is still for v1.1, makes me think 1.2 is not really ready for prime time yet.

So, is 1.2 officially out? Is it beta?


Yep, 1.2 has been officially released! But as you pointed out there are a few known issues. For the version number being wrong, I just filed an issue here:

Also, the docs site showing some 1.1 docs is a known issue, and I’ve filed an issue for that here: (you can watch the jira issue to get notified of updates)

Great, thanks for the info

I just downloaded and ran this code, which outputs the expected value: Version is: 1.2.0 (build 112)

    NSString *ver = CBLVersion();
    NSLog(@"Version is: %@", ver);

Are you using Couchbase Lite via Cocoapods or Carthage, or your own build from source?

Downloaded Enterprise version on Feb 12 from here:

Filename is:

CBLVersion reports: “1.2 (unofficial)”


I’m not sure what happened, but can you please try the following steps:

  1. Download the package again from
  2. In Xcode, select Product > Clean
  3. In the Xcode Project navigator, go to the Frameworks folder, and select CouchbaseLite.framework.
  4. In the File inspector pane, note the Full path entry, and click on the little right-pointing arrow icon.
  5. Delete the framework file.
  6. Drag the unzipped CouchbaseLite.framework downloaded in step 1 into the Frameworks folder.
  7. Build and run.

That should resolve the issue. If not, please let us know.

When you say “CBLVersion reports”… is this from code you are running and seeing this in the logs?

I downloaded the same version, and if I open the info.plist file I see the version as 1.2.0

I just redownloaded and it’s the same zip, and framework as I downloaded a few days ago.

This swift code:


outputs this string:

1.2 (unofficial)

I just tested against the Swift version of kitchen-sync, using the download, and:



1.2.0 (build 112)

It sounds like you have stale DerivedData. You might need to force cleanup the intermediate build files before building again. With the Product menu open, hold the Option key down and choose Clean Build Folder…. then select Clean when the dialog pops up.

Then build and run, and hopefully you’ll be on the 1.2 build 112 release binary.

Ok, just cleared my deriveddata, and my xcode cache, created a new project and tried with both the Enterprise and the Community editions, and both return “1.2 (unofficial)”

Check the path of the CouchbaseLite.framework item in the Xcode project, and make sure it’s pointing to the right copy.
Also check the Library Search Paths and Framework Search Paths in your target build settings.

Yes, all checked, all good, still "1.2 (unofficial)"
If you have a drop location I can zip my test project and send it to you.

Turns out you’re right, @A_J — sorry we doubted you! There’s an internal build-number constant in the binary that’s supposed to get set when our build server generates a build, but for some reason it’s not getting set. We didn’t catch this during our validation. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anyway, what you have is the official release, so you can go ahead and use it :slight_smile:

LOL, it’s always the small details that bite you. :wink:

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Even weirder: the build number does get set in the ARM binaries, but not in the x86 binaries. Which explains why Zack saw the correct version string: he tested it on a real iOS device, while the rest of us are looking in the simulator. And probably the last time we QA’d this setting, we also tested on a device.

I know exactly where the problem is now, and I’m fixing it :slight_smile:

I wish there was a badge we could award you. Thanks for staying with us through the process! :smiley:

Happy to help, especially when it’s something as small as a version number :wink:

It’s not much, but I gave @A_J the “great topic” badge here. :wink: