Release notes for CBL

I’ve been keen to use the latest builds of both CBL iOS and Android, but I never know what’s changed. There don’t seem to be any release notes. Would it be possible to generate some for them (and the dependencies that have changed)?

Something like this??

Not exactly. I upgrade minor unreleased versions, but there’s no notes on them as far as I can see.

Are you talking about 1.3.1? It’s not officially released quite yet (I just checked the download page and that still only has 1.3.) I know Pasin has been working on compiling release notes for it.

If not 1.3.1, I’m not sure what you mean by “minor unreleased versions”. If you’re getting builds from our CI server, I believe the Git commit IDs are listed in the downloads somewhere. If you’re checking out from Github, just look at the commit log.

That’s right, I’m trying out the CI builds from:


The iOS one doesn’t seem to have anything, but the android one has a changes.log file. The problem is that it often contains just this (for example):

libraries/couchbase-lite-java-core | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

Which isn’t super helpful. So to find out the changes I would need to figure out which version of the core jar was added, and which version it replaced, then go to github and figure out what happened from the commit logs. Its possible I suppose but not easy.

Generating a more detailed file (for both android and iOS) would be useful, thats all.