Integration with CyberArk - deployment experience, hints and tips?

Hi, Just looking for peoples experiences with Integrating Couchbase with CyberArk PAS solutions?
Thanks in advance for any responses.
Any tips on where to start and known gotchas and problems etc would be appreciated.
Hello from a newbie to the forum too.

Hi @searay200,

Looking at CyberArk PAS solutions, I am not sure if there is direct integration to Couchbase. It should be possible to store your credentials & other info on CyberArk vaults. But I don’t think it is possible for CyberArk to perform more advanced features like changing the credentials periodically without an integration. I will let someone correct me if I am wrong.

You could also try contacting CyberArk for a Couchbase integration.

Vaulting should be straightforward and I am looking at ODBC/JDBC for the CPM aspect but the PSM side of things looks for sure to be customised connectors, has anyone out there gone any distance down this route of approaching CyberArk?
Thanks for taking the time to reply.