Integration with Amazon Redshift

We want to enable the business side to run their own reports, CSV exports, etc. One option would be to create the APIs and build the web apps in-house for them to run them but it looks using something like Amazon Redshift would allows us to replicate some of the data from Couchbase to Redshift where the business users could use a BI tool to run their own reports, etc.

What is your opinion about this approach? What connectors have you used to connect Couchbase with Amazon Redshift? Based on my initial research it looks like the workflow would be the following:

  1. Set up Redshift and the tables that are expected.
  2. Choose an ETL connector that extracts the data from Couchbase and feeds it into Amazon Redshift. What these tools do as far as I understand is to move the data to an S3 bucket and then feed it into Amazon Redshift.
  3. The business users pick a BI tool that integrates directly with Amazon Redshift and run their own reports, export to CSV, etc.

All this in AWS (couchbase, Redshift, etc)

Does this sound right?

Anyone using any ETL tools with Couchbase?