Installing on Windows with the wizard


Following “Installing on Windows with the wizard” on a new Win 2008R2 server, I was looking for the screens where the wizards prompts that it opened all couchbase ports and all ephemeral ports but after installing (ver 3.0.1 community from here), the wizards closed and opened the console in the browser for the next step of configuring the server. But what about configuring the machine ?

What should I do better ?


Hi Itay, As mentioned in the step 2 of instructions “During the installation process, the installer also verifies that the default administration port is not already in use by another application. If the default port is unavailable, the installer prompts for a different port to be used for administration of the Couchbase Server.” So in your case looks like those ports were available and hence installer didn’t prompt and installation was successful. I hope this clear.

Hi @anil,

I was kind of hoping that, regardless of the administration port (as stated in step 2), the installer with open ports 8091,2, etc. from the firewall and increase tcp/ip ports to prevent ports exhaustion, more as stated in step 3 and in other places as good practice.

After all, it is the wizard :boom: