Indexing never stops

My Couchbase server appears to be re-indexing forever. While in this state the server is unavailable to my client program, which depends on running queries with stale=false.

The server’s logs contains 3 to 4 error messages per second like the following, always referencing the same document:
mapreduce_errors:error,2014-03-20T8:55:37.756,ns_1@<0.5761.104>:couch_set_view_updater:load_doc:483]Bucket rhc-hcf, main group _design/eligibility, skipping document with ID document_110689: too large body (1153475 bytes)

This seems very similar to the issue described at the link below.;a=commit;h=38b5a44c625586b61c6e838f01c614e6ae2eed5f

Has this been addressed in another build? I am running Couchbase server version 2.2.0 enterprise edition (build-837).

Thanks so much,

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