Couchbase Indexing after server reboot

Hello Everyone,

I am new to couchbase, so excuse my question.

Yesterday, I rebooted our Linux Server and after that once couchbase server was back online, some of the pages were missing on the website and instead of showing latest pages of 2015 it was showing pages from 2014 and whatever that was created after the reboot.

I assume this may be because of incomplete re-indexing after reboot, I might be wrong. So here I am asking for your expert idea, what went wrong and how I can fix this?

Thank you for your time.

Reboot should not be causing data loss or index loss. can you access the missing data if you directly explore couchbase data through the admin console?

When I search directly from the admin console using the ID, it shows the data. It is just the view that doesn’t show it.

I assume it may be because of indexing not sure. Is there a way to find out ?

Thank you