Indexer keeps restarting

Dear forum visitors,

We are discovering Couchbase Server and evaluating whether we continue using it in our production environments. So far we are very satisfied, but we have some troubles running the latest version 4.0.0-4051 (Community Edition) for Ubuntu 14.04.

The Indexer keeps restarting and reports that port 9102 is already in use (and therefore can not start). Data RAM Quota is configured 4GB and Index RAM Quota is configured 256MB. I only deployed the default buckets and the server has at least 6 GB memory available for use. I searched the internet but have not been able to resolve the issue. We experience the same problems on another fresh installed server (same version/same OS). I hope there is someone who can help me with this further. Thanks in advance!

Below you will find an excerpt of our indexer.log file.


Is there any way to free up your 9102 port so indexer can start. That is one of the essential ports for Couchbase Indexer.

Thanks for your comment. This port is in use by a process initiated by Couchbase. When I stop this process the indexer starts without any problems. But unfortunately, after a while the problem will return.