Index Statistics

Can I get the indexes statistics using N1QL to know when the index was used last time, number of calls placed against index, memory consumption etc. I could not find in namespace system:indexes

N1QL doesn’t have the interface. You must check UI or directly query indexer end point.

okay. Can you please suggest how and where I can find the following attributes step by step.

  • Last use of my index
  • How many requests are served by my index in certain time frame
  • memory consumption

In UI check index stats. cc @varun.velamuri

@kjindal2003, gives the list of all statistics exposed by GSI.

From 6.5, the last_known_scan_time is exposed which gives you when the index was last used.

The num_requests stat gives the number of scan requests served by the index.

The memory_used stat gives the total amount of memory consumed by indexer.