Index state pending after restoring from backup

Created backup using cbbackup, and restored this using cbrestore.
UPgraded the server from 4.0 to 4.1(Community Edition)
But on the new server I see the state of all the indexes as pending.
UI shows the state as Created, whereas it should be Online and Ready respectively.

What should I do. I there any other way to take backup/restore?


 "indexes": {
            "datastore_id": "",
            "id": "63089fa47939b0a9",
            "index_key": [],
            "is_primary": true,
            "keyspace_id": "feed",
            "name": "feed-prim-index",
            "namespace_id": "default",
            "state": "pending",
            "using": "gsi"

Request help in this, please let me know how to proceed?

cbrestore only restores the metadata of the indexes. You’ll need to build the indexes using the BUILD INDEX command -