Cbrestore and Index not online

Hi ~ I’m a new couchbase user, and we try to use cb for our system. We create 26,000,000 documents for test data.
We have two machines for CB,Our CB version is 4.5.1

I do cbbackup in the machine 1 and try to cbrestore backup data to machine 2 ,

After cbrestore backup to machine2, I find web console Indexed tag show, Index status is “Created”, but can’t do any query

I wanna know

  1. After cbrestore , why we can’t do any query ? It’s mean index can’t be backup and have to rebuild all indexes?
  2. In huge data, Create Index is very slow. Anyone have idea for create indexed faster ?

Thx for anyone replying


After cbrestore, the indexes need to be built using BUILD INDEX command. Only index metadata is backed up.

What is your machine configuration in terms of memory and cpu? You can increase the RAM Quota for Index Service from UI->Settings for an improved indexing throughput.

Also we recommend using Memory Optimized Indexes for much improved performance over Standard GSI(more details here).