Index replica and failover

Hi all

I’m trying to understand how index replica works when you lose/readd a node into a cluster.
I’m running couchbase server 6.5 EE and I have two index nodes. The indexes have been created with :

...WITH { "defer_build":true, "num_replica":1 }

and both nodes have either the index or his replica.
If I’m failing over/remove a node, the node is removed and all created indexes are on the remaining node.
When I’m adding back the removed node - nothing happens. The indexes/replicas are not (re)created on the newly added index node .
Is this the expected behavior? How can I be sure that I have desired number of replicas ?


cc @deepkaran.salooja

the numbers are automatically made up subsequently, if additional Index Service nodes are added to the cluster.

this is what I claim it doesn’t happen - adding the node back into the cluster does not trigger replica (re)creation. The new re-added node doesn’t do anything.

@alex.constantinescu, the replica re-creation is supposed to work automatically when a new node is added to the cluster and an index doesn’t have the desired number of replicas. Can you please collect the logs from your cluster and share? Or if you already have a license, you can contact the support team.