Adding a new index node


I have a 4 node cluster with all services running on each node. I added an additional node and I noticed that the indexes are not available on the new node. Prior the indexes are created on 4 nodes with replica 3. How can i manage the index to the new node, without dropping and recreating on all nodes.


Hi Bhanu,

The indexes are not rebalanced when a new indexer node is rebalanced into the cluster.
Do you want a new replica to be created on newly added indexer node? Change in replica count before version 6.5 is possible only by dropping and recreating index with new count. We have introduced replica count increase/decrease in version 6.5 for which Beta is available. This can be done using ALTER INDEX syntax.

If you want to move replica from one of the nodes to newly added node, you can use ALTER INDEX “move” command as below:
ALTER INDEX bucket_name.index_name WITH {“action”:“move”,“nodes”: [“ip1:8091”, “ip2:8091”, “ip3:8091”, “ip4:8091”]}
nodes in WITH clause is the list of destination nodes where the replicas should now be placed.


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Thank you Prathibha. This helps.