Index FTS in Memory

Currently with the business version I have activated the option of optimization of memory in the indexes, but the indexes fts see that they are not in memory but it seems that swapping is done.

Is there an option for the indexes fts to store them in memory?

So: Ubuntu 20
CouchBase 7.0 Beta

@nelsonxx1 ,

Please note that Index and FTS/Search are two separate services. Index level configurations are applicable only to GSI indexes that powers N1QL.

FTS doesn’t offer in-memory indexes today.


Thk @sreeks. is there a way to integrate couchbase with elasticsearch? since elasticsearch if you have that option.

I need index FTS in memory. I need it to optimize response times when calculating statistics

IIRC, ES has deprecated that feature long time back - Setting changes | Elasticsearch Guide [2.0] | Elastic

It would be great to gain insights about your requirements here in terms of latency/throughput numbers against whats the current persisted indexes delivers to you.