Index disc full

I was wondering… how does couchbase handles the case, when the index disk runs out of space but there still is enough space for data on the main drives?

What behavior can be expected?


Anybody who can help me with this?

I’m guessing we’re talking about view indexes, rather than the new GSI secondary indexes that are in Couchbase Server 4.0.

I expect that Couchbase Server would continue to accept writes and to serve KV reads, as KV data storage and the indexers are separate processes. You might see the indexer crash if it couldn’t write to the index disk.

I’d like to try this out in a VM to see precisely what does happen.

Yes exactly. View Indexes and I’m not sure if the bucket index would also be on this index drive. If it crashes it would be very hard to use SSD as suggested for the indexes since by nature the SSD are quite small.

Please keep me updated if you find anything…