Couchbase Index Test Issue (on AWS)

[Test environment]

  • AWS EC2 Instance : c4.xlarge (cpu 4core, memory 7.5GB)
  • Storage(per node) : Data (100GB, 300IOPS), Index (150GB, 426IOPS) / General Purpose SSD (GP2)
  • 3 Nodes / replica 1
  • couchbase community 4.0.0

*create indexes (Global Secondary Index) : 8 EA (include PK)

  • insert 100 million items (item size : 1~4KB)

    * Issue#1
          When insert 10milion items, server load severe and hangup….  ("%wa" is 70% ~ 90%)
    * Issue#2 
          Node's status is often changed to "Pend"
    * Issue#3 
          Index warning message appear often. (And indexer proccess is not running "9105, 9102".)
                      "Warning: We are having troubles communicating to the indexer process. The information might be sta.te."
    * Issue#4
          When performing a query by using GSI, there is no result. (But…..Obviously, there are data.) 		

How do I order to resolve the above issues?
Does the system need to scale up or out?
Please help me…