Index Array settings with Plasma Indexes


With plasma indexes in Couchbase v5.0 not using memory optimized rather will reside in the disk,
what’s the impact on Indexer Array settings.

Currently in couchbase v4.6 and lower , we have certain indexer array values that are setup as per couchbase support recommendation after running into performance issues with n1ql queries.
And with memory optimized indexes anytime the indexer services are brought down the index array settings are reset to default value. We have a monitoring script to identify the difference and notify us.

Bottom line, What’s the relevance of indexer array settings in v5.0, do we continue to monitor the settings?

@Sai, With Couchbase Server 5.0, the maximum size constraints of the index key(both regular and array) have been relaxed. So there is no need to specify those settings. You can confirm your exact settings with support team. I am not sure what all settings you have changed.

Also, all setting changes are persisted and should survive server restarts. There should not be a need to monitor it. You can file a case with support if that’s not what is happening.


Thanks for the update. We are currently running 4.6.3 with memory optimized indexes and the indexer array settings are not sticky. After a restart we do find any custom values set that are reset back to default and the monitoring script I have written identifies any difference and we set the custom value back using curl. We only have a couple of environments that have 100+ indexes and are n1ql heavy that we had to monitor this setting.

The custom index array values were recommended by couchbase support for n1ql heavy environment inorder to optimize performance.

Its good to know we don’t have to monitor the settings with Plasma indexes but its something we will continue to monitor once we upgrade to v5.0.