Improve CSS for inline <code> tags?

Maybe this belongs to an internal discussion section, but I feel that in posts the <code> blocks don’t stand out as much as they could since we have a technical-oriented forum.

Did you realize one word in two is a code block in this sentence?

compared to a whole code block
"or a ``` fenced code block" (+1 for highlighting)

What do you think? Font seem ok but either the background, border or boldness could be changed (but I’m not a designer :wink:)

Nope, this is the perfect place to post questions like that-- this forum is all about public discussion.

I see what you mean, but it’s relatively uncommon to alternate between code and words within the same sentence. Maybe we should look at what others do?

I’m thinking more stackoverflow-like situations where you want to reference class names and such briefly in your response, without a fully-fledged code block. On SO, code always really pops out, and I think it makes sense to do the same on our forums (which are after all mainly for developers). The alternating sentence was just to show an exaggerated case :smile: