Implementing Couchbase Server performance dashboard (showfast)


I am using docker to implement and run showfast on couchbase server using this url-
Do you find any dependencies?
I have passed the CB_HOST and CB_PASS values and below error is coming-
EROR- failed to open bucket err="authentication error"
It’s not getting implemented as it shown.

Can you tell me what you’re trying to do? Showfast is our internal dashboard for performance testing developement builds. It has various dependencies that are not documented and it’s not really built to be used outside of Couchbase.

Hi @mikew

See I have implemented showfast using my localhost through URL. But dashboard is not showing any metrics of my server.
I don’t know why.

If you’re looking for a workload generator to get performance information out of a given cluster, please look at this blog on the cbc tools, including cbc-pillowfight.

Hi @mikew and @ingenthr

Can you go through this link and tell me how to get these metrics-

Nothing is coming on my dashboard when I am hitting, just the title.

As I mentioned before. This is an internal project not meant for external use. It does not report performance for a particular cluster. It is used for Couchbase to display the result of performance tests we run internally. In order to get that data you would need access to machines that are not accessible outside of our private datacenters.

Hey @mikew,
We completely understand what @tanu.jain said. But What we are trying to do is to have same kind of Performance monitor which can give us analytics about what and when run on our cluster. Is there a similar tool available.

If not available then how can we implement it. I understand that the Couchbase Admin Console does show this. But Show fast is really awesome to see stats of older time and to check this whenever we want to do analysis for different purpose.

What need to be done, Can we download the code and change it so it can give us all these stats for server running on production.

And yes if we download it and then start implementing it what dependencies we will need to implement it. Do we need some bucket to store data of the cluster about the latencies, query thorough put etc.

Please help , After successful implementation this can become a beautiful tool to be used by community. And I am all there to put effort on this.

Pankaj Sharma