CouchBase Server Monitoring / Alerts / Alerting

I would like to know if any CouchBase customers are using any enterprise monitoring/alerting software/solution to monitor the CouchBase server.
Also would like to know if any one using a software which monitors the performance of CouchBase, we are particularly looking for all the response timings of any operation like CRUD or Query from the time a client requests, when the operation enters the CouchBase server port, how much time spent on the operation, leaving the port and when it returns etc…in a historical graph format or in a dashboard.
I know we can query the system:completed_requests for query timings but not CRUD operations.
Thank you in advance for the responses.

Yes, several customers are using a variety of monitoring solutions like prometheus, data dog, splunk and app dynamics depending on the use case.
These links might provide some pointers:

Criteo built this for prometheus :

Thank you very much.