IllegalStateException: Unrecognized activity level: 5

I received this exception crash today while working on testing replication with Sync Gateway in our Android app:

Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unrecognized activity level: 5
       at com.couchbase.lite.AbstractReplicator.getActivityLevelFromC4(
       at com.couchbase.lite.AbstractReplicator.updateStatus(
       at com.couchbase.lite.AbstractReplicator.start(

What would cause this exception to be thrown?

What version of Couchbase are you using? I think this was a bug in some earlier versions but @blake.meike should know the answer.

This was with the CBL 2.8.0 SDK. I see there is a 2.8.1 update. Was it fixed in this update?

Unrelated to the issue posted, we’d recommend that you upgrade to 2.8.1

No… it was not fixed in 2.8.1. I’ve filed to track the issue.

Thank you! I’ll keep an eye out for another update.

@blake.meike I see this has been marked fixed. Will there be an updated release with the fix available soon? I continue to experience this crash frequently when replicating.

We do not have a finalized timeline for 2.8.x release with this fix- expect sometime in the next couple of months. Since you are an Enterprise customer, the accounts team reach out to you with next steps.