HTTPS Everywhere

I tried to build and run Office Radar and once I got a 1.0.4 framework in there, it was cool. Except now after I’ve authed with FB I get this error in the logs and no data.

OK false alarm this only happens with Xcode beta 7. So it’s not Office Radar (works in Xcode 6) it’s the Xcode 7 SSL train. I think it’s gonna hit a lot of users when it does. For instance I think for us the fix right now is to set up our SSL cert.

Ouch for all the indie devs. Is there anything we can do to help with this other than running a hosting service?

Possibly related ->!topic/mobile-couchbase/g02VXiFisZg

Oh, it’s using the wrong url.

Can you change to:

and fix it on github?