***ERROR*** shouldn't have more than one structural_modification for each document. HTTP load failed (error code: -999 [1:89])

ERROR shouldn’t have more than one structural_modification for each document.

I am facing this issue from 2 days , please help me to resolve this .

Please provide specifics on the platform and version of software you are using and what you attempted to do which resulted in this error.

platform -ios , objective c
xcode - 9.2
I am trying multiple downloads of courses from CBL database n trying to save in File manager As soon as I click on the downloaded course it crashes on this method

" self.oneShotPullCompletionHandler()"

What version of Couchbase software are you using ? Please share the stack trace.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);

@priya Kindly reply , em struck

That’s the license, not version of Couchbase platform. This is list of versions of SGW and Couchbase Lite that we support .

That screenshot does not give me any information. There is no context of where you are calling this. The oneShotPullCompletionHandler() is a method that you have implemented in your app . So check implementation of that method.

I would suggest putting breakpoints in there to see what is going on.

As indicated above , please send the stack trace. If you are not familiar with that, please check out the Apple links

Version 1.1.1
I tried putting breakpoints also the crash is at same place .

Breakpoints is to help you debug what is going on. Step through the code and see what line is triggering the issue. You have to step into the function and see what line in the function. This would be a useful read

The crash is in your code, not Couchbase’s, so your first assumption should be that this is your bug, not ours. This doesn’t look like something we can help you with unless you can track the problem down to our code.

A crash directly at a parameter-less call like this indicates that self is invalid, i.e. that the object has already been dealloced. Try turning on Zombies in the diagnostics tab of the scheme editor and running again.

Also version 1.1.1 is well past It’s end of life so I suggest upgrading to a newer version first.