How to use NOT logical operator in Couchbase Lite FTS

I am new to Couchbase and currently using flutter and Couchbase Lite to build a search form, I need to add NOT operator inside my query.
Here is my current query and it’s work well, but I don’t know how to add NOT operator to the match function.[SelectResult.all()])
        .from(CouchbaseDB.instance.dbNameLocal, as: objectAlias)
                .match('flora AND fauna'))

Based on this documentation it support NOT operator, but there are no sample code on how to use it.

I am trying with this code
match('flora AND fauna NOT human')
and it return
malformed MATCH expression: [NOT "human"]


When using the enhanced query syntax, parenthesis may be used to specify the precedence of the various operators.
So, have you tried adding parenthesis for resolving the operator precedence?
`(flora AND fauna) NOT human’

ah my bad, yes of course it’s work with parenthesis, thank you.