Use parentheses as where string Android

I was wondering how can I search for a string containing parentheses in android Couchbase lite.
For example, if I search for
text (to) search
I won’t be able to search the correct item, due the parentheses. I’ve already tried to escape parentheses, but if I escape them this will be the resulting string:
text \(to\) serach
and it won’t match my item in the db.
Thanks in advance.

Quick question. Are you using FTS or regular query comparison?

If this is a regular query, I don’t think the backslash \ is needed. You will need \ for ". Do you have any failed cases as an example?

Regular query.

If I search
text (to) search

and I have a row with field containing the exact same string, applying this query won’t return anything.

Not sure what is causing the issue. I opened the issue here for further investigation.

This is .NET but I did exactly this inside of a test:

using (var foo = new MutableDocument("foo")) {
    foo.SetString("field", "text (to) search");

using (var q = QueryBuilder.Select(SelectResult.All())
                .Where(Expression.Property("field").EqualTo(Expression.String("text (to) search")))) {

And it works fine. Is this what you are trying to say is failing?

Similar test like .NET, iOS unit tests passing successfully. CBL-433

There is absolutely nothing special about parentheses in strings, and equality tests on strings in queries just do literal comparisons. You’ll have to show us a more complete example that fails.

Are you sure that there are no other examples when it cruches?