How to upstream patch for Couchbase v5.1 with custom CLA?


I have a patch ready for making Couchbase v5.1 work on Power8/LE (ppc64le) platform. I would like to submit it for review. I understand that there is CLA which needs to be signed. However, I do have a custom CLA which is signed with my employer. Is there any way to submit that instead of the regular one?


@anil Is this something you can help with?

@drigby @anil Is there any update about using custom CLA? Thanks!

Anil’s probably you’re man (Product Management).

If you just sign the CLA as-is that’s probably the quickest route.

@drigby I think IBM custom CLA has already been recognized by Couchbase community as per the conversation here:
@shivani_g (Ms. Shivani Gupta) is involved in the above mentioned thread.

Ok. So I think we can manually “approve” your Gerrit account based on the company CLA you have signed.

Can you proceed with the normal steps to submit code (see ; when you get to “signing the CLA” step let us know (including your username) and we should be able to manually add you.

Hi @drigby,

For creating PRs I confirm that we can use the same CLA mentioned in

I am ready with the code and can submit it raising PRs, so could you please add my username “kbhute-ibm” to the account. Thanks in advance.

@koumudini.bhute I’ve updated our Gerrit instance to support the IBM CLA. However I cannot see your account on there to add it to the CLA group. Have you created an account on You just need to log in over there using your GitHub credentials. Since it uses OAuth I cannot do that step for you. But once it’s done, let me know and I’ll add you to the CLA group.

Hi @ceej

Thanks for the prompt response. I had already signed in to with my Github credentials i.e. ‘kbhute-ibm’. When I logged in, I could see under is:

I think now I am added to CLA group. Please confirm.

Also please find below my profile details:

Username kbhute-ibm
Full Name kbhute-ibm
Email Address
Registered Aug 20, 2018 4:19 PM
Account ID 1004362

With above information, please let me know what next step I need to follow. Thanks in advance.

@koumudini.bhute I could not find your Gerrit account earlier, but I’ve found it now and added it to the IBM CLA group. You should see it listed under ; please ensure it is there (the screenshot above is from a slightly different page).

Once that’s there, the URL posted by Dave Rigby should tell you what you need to know about proposing a change to Gerrit. You’ll need to add an ssh public key at and then ensure that your SSH configuration is such that it will use your key. You can verify your SSH configuration by running

ssh -p 29418

You should see something like

**** Welcome to Gerrit Code Review ****

Hi Chris Hillery, you have successfully connected over SSH.

Thanks @ceej Yes I could see IBM CLA in agreements section now.
For code change proposal to Gerrit, I will get refer the doc and get in touch with @drigby in case of any challenges.

Hi @ceej,

I’m planning to raise PRs for ppc64le (IBM).
For that, I have signed in to with my Github credentials i.e. ‘sandipmgiri.’

Username : sandipmgiri
Full Name Sandip Giri
Email Address
Registered Mar 7, 2019 4:26 PM
Account ID 1004423

Can you please add my account to IBM CLA group ?
Also , please let me know what next step I need to follow to raise PRs.Thanks!

I’ve added you to the IBM CLA group as requested. Please ensure the agreement shows up at when you are logged in.

The remaining steps are all listed in this email thread with Koumudini - set up and test an SSH key, then look at the libcouchbase Contributing URL that Dave Rigby mentioned for a quick crash course in Gerrit.

Thanks @ceej,
I have added an ssh public key and successfully verified the configuration

     ****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****

      Hi Sandip Giri, you have successfully connected over SSH.

      Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
      To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

      git clone ssh:// 

Now looking into the url to understand the gerrit review system to submit the changes.