Contributing is much more difficult than it should be

I just spent the last hour trying to figure out where bugs should be raised for an SDK and trying to get registered on the forums and JIRA. It would appear that JIRA is not open to registration from the public, as my login does not work on there, however this is not explained anywhere. I also had to jump through many hoops to get registration to work on the forums, and the interface is clunky at best.

Most other projects follow a common pattern of allowing users to raise issues and send PRs via the hosted repo (e.g. github/bitbucket). This keeps in line with the common pattern users follow each day, prevents the need to create Yet Another Account, and overall leaves a much nicer taste in the mouth.

To give an example, I found a small documentation bug in the Python SDK which would have been a 5 minute fix that I could send in a PR, but instead I’ve had to go through this horrible process which leaves me feeling like I don’t want to contribute because of the overheads.

Forums are not the correct place to be raising bug reports from the public, they should be for help and questions. And if JIRA isn’t open to the public, then the next logical place would be Github.

Could someone from CouchBase please clarify the situation? I really want to contribute, but this is making things difficult.

Thank you


Hi Cal,

JIRA is actually the correct place to raise issues and it is actually open to the public. That said, we have a provisioning problem at the moment that my colleagues are working to resolve. The problem is that if you do not specify a first name, then JIRA won’t let you log in. The provisioning process will get rid of the 'clunky’ness you describe.

This affected your ability to log in to JIRA. I’ve updated your account adding a first name (same as your “last”) so you should be able to get into JIRA.

My apologies for the trouble and we have plans to fix it soon.



Thanks for getting back to me and for repairing my account, I will use JIRA for all future issues.

It would be nice to have the ability to sign up to JIRA/forums using social auth, that way users can sign up very quickly using their existing github/twitter account etc.


Social auth is part of that update too as currently planned. We very much look forward to the simplification.

Beautiful, thank you for the quick feedback. This can be marked as closed.

I know this post is old, but I am having the same issue. How can I go about being able to create a Jira ticket? Thanks

@igor should be able to help you out if you’ve not been able to create an account. @igor?

@evanlucas I can help you. I will message you the details.