How to update gps-tracks without massive overhead?

i want to use couchbase lite for a gps tracker.
Therefore i have to synchronize my gps position every second (very frequently).
I have to use Couchbase Lite, because i used it also for storing and synchronizing other user data.

I’ve checked to possibilities:

  • update the document every time the position changed
    (update function)
  • create a new document for every new position and delete (purge) the old

I analysed the traffic on wireshark and found out that using the
update function produces a lot of overhead (revision checking and so one).
Especially after updating the document more than 100 or 1000 times, the traffic races

Which solution (function) is better for this use case?

Is there a way to use the update function more efficiently?

Sorry, but Couchbase Lite replication simply isn’t an appropriate solution for this. As you saw, it’s going to have way too much overhead with data that changes so often. You’ll have to find a different mechanism to transmit that data. You won’t need something nearly as complex as replication, because it’s a simple one-way stream of data. You could simply open a socket to the server and write coordinates to it periodically.