Real Time Tracking devices

Hey everyone,
i want to build a web application where i can track multiple devices from a map in a real time so my question is if couchbase server provide a service like firebase, i read about sync-gateway that can be used to sync with mobile but i don’t know if it can be used for my needs ?

You could build a mobile app with Couchbase Lite that would write the device’s location to a document and sync with Couchbase Server through Sync Gateway.

However, this probably isn’t an effective use of Couchbase Mobile. On the one hand, we’re not optimized for documents that change constantly in real time. On the other hand, it’s kind of overkill to use a mobile database just to store a single value that’s just going to be uploaded.

I’d suggest that you instead write a (very simple) app server with a single REST endpoint that accepts a device ID and coordinate, and writes them to the server. Then you can write a (very simple) mobile app that sends the coords with an HTTP PUT. The only nontrivial part of this is authentication.

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