How to specify backup service when creating a single-node cluster with the REST API


While on Server 7.0.3, trying to create a single-node cluster with the REST API, and specifying backup service like this (cbbs):

curl -v http://${CB_CLUSTER}:8091/node/controller/setupServices \
	-d 'services=kv%2Cn1ql%2Cindex%2Cfts'
	-d 'services=kv%2Cn1ql%2Cindex%2Cfts%2Ccbbs'

we get this error:

< HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
["Unknown services: [\"cbbs\"]"]

Reading REST API documentation seems it’s only possible to enable backup service when adding a node to an existing cluster, but not with the initial node when creating a new cluster.

/node/controller/setupServices : Allows services to be assigned, by means of the services flag. Values can be kv (Data Service), index (Index Service), n1ql (Query Service), fts (Search Service), eventing (Eventing Service), and cbas (Analytics Service).

/controller/addNode This adds a server node to the cluster. One or more services can be specified to run on the added node. These are kv (data), index (index), n1ql (query), eventing (eventing), fts (search), cbas (analytics), and cbbs (backup). If no services are specified, the Data Service is enabled by default.

While on CLI, seems it’s possible to specify it when creating the cluster

couchbase-cli cluster-init --services

Specifies the services to start on this cluster. You may not change the services running on this node once the cluster has been initialized. This options takes a comma separated list of services. Accepted services are "data", "index", "query", "fts", "eventing", "analytics" and "backup" specified as a comma-separated list. This parameter defaults to "data".

Is there a way to create a single-node cluster with the REST API and specifying backup service?

Thanks in advance

Instead of using “cbbs”, use “backup”.

curl -v http://${CB_CLUSTER}:8091/node/controller/setupServices \
	-d 'services=kv%2Cn1ql%2Cindex%2Cfts%2Cbackup'