How to see couchbase query statement in logs for transaction insert(),get(),upsert() method etc in spring

I want to capture all query statement in logs, which are getting performed by methods get(), upsert(),insert() etc in Collection.class

I assume you are referring to those operations as exposed by spring-data-couchbase. There is no query statement for kv operations - get(), upsert(), insert(), replace(), remove(). They are executed directly by KeyValue operations of the same name. Logging of those operations is from the logger and level shown belown.

<logger name="" level="debug"/>

If you would like logging of the metrics, please open a feature request at Issues · spring-projects/spring-data-couchbase · GitHub.

An alternative option would be to use the Threshold Logging feature of the Couchbase Java SDK with the reporting threshold set to a very low value, such that every operation is logged.

Hi Michael,

I am using Couchbase Java SDK and performing operartions - get(), upsert(), insert(), replace(), remove().

I am new in Couchbase Java SDK, Could you pls elaborate about Threshold Logging feature?


Here’s the documentation - Request Tracing | Couchbase Docs

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