Query reg Couchbase Operations in audit log

Hi Team,

I have enabled audit.log and observed the below two scenarios .

**Case 1 : Update using sub document API** 
	public static void updateUsingSubDocApi() {
		String empDocumentId = "sample_1";
		Duration duration = Duration.ofDays(2);
		List<MutateInSpec> specs = new ArrayList<>();
		specs.add(MutateInSpec.replace("name", "update_2_name"));
		MutationResult mutateInResult = bucket.defaultCollection().mutateIn(empDocumentId, specs,
		System.out.println(" data : " + mutateInResult);

  **case 2: Update Using Replace option**
	public static void update() {
		String empDocumentId = "sample_1";
		JsonObject jsonObject = JsonObject.create().put("name", "sundar").put("age", 60);
		MutationResult mutateInResult = bucket.defaultCollection().replace(empDocumentId, jsonObject);
		System.out.println(" data : " + mutateInResult);

I noticed that Update using Replace is doing one modify operation to the document where mutatein is doing two modify operations.
Is that the expected behaviour?

Also if I use a transaction object to create a document, does it come with a delete operation as well.