How to run queries from couchbase lite in android studio

Not able to search the data stored in couch base server through couch base lite mobile application

As far as I know you cannot do that and CBL was not designed to do that. You can query the synced data via Views on the device. Maybe you can send a request to a server which runs a N1QL query and the server sends down the results

ā€“ CBL user, not a CBL engineer

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Hi @shivani and @benjamin_glatzeder,

You may want to ask in the Mobile forum here:

Iā€™m tagging @hod.greeley who might be able to help.

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Hi @shivani,

Can you repost this and tag it for mobile? Also, if you could describe your use case that would help. There are different approaches to querying data with Couchbase Lite.