How to put two servers couchbase

How to put two servers couchbase,

We have two servers with couchbase, we want to extend them mamięć framework. Does it matter in what order it turned off?
Do I eg. To set FailOver server and then turn it off.

I will be much obliged for information and assistance. I do not want to lose the data.

Thank you for your help

Hey @piotr_redel,

Just so I’m clear on your question, you want to know how to safely remove Couchbase nodes from your cluster?

Please let me know so I can better help.


no no sorry for English.
I have two servers in a cluster. I want to make ram to both servers…
Do I have something special or just disable them, first one then the other ??

Hey @piotr_redel,

Are these physical servers or virtual machines? Also are they production servers?

Since you only have a two node cluster, the recommended way would be to create an already upgraded third server and add it to your existing cluster. With the third server added you can rebalance your server and remove one of the smaller nodes repeating this process as much as you need. Then if you only wanted to keep two nodes you can gracefully remove the extra node and perform a final rebalance.

By working with a third node in this process, your server won’t experience any extra stress when you remove a node.

Because you are only doing an upgrade you should not initiate failover.

Does this answer your question?


I have two physical servers.
In both I need to add 64GB of RAM in order to have 128GB. Unfortunately I do not have three machines. Can I just press on a single server FilOver over the web and then disable the server?
Whether and when to launch it connect it again?

Hey @piotr_redel,

You could power down the machine and do the upgrade one at a time, but since you only have two machines, the one that remains online may reach max load because it is no longer distributing resources across multiple nodes. This is why I mentioned bringing a third server into the mix. In addition to extra load on this server, your data will no longer be replicating.

Does this make sense?


Thank you for the tips. Unfortunately, we are a small company that starts a big project. We are planning another physical servers couchbase. Unfortunately, finances do not allow simultaneous buy some servers are. For now we started with two plans are another. I mean how off without losing data.

I did so and worked with a control panel to manage servers (web)

  1. The main server was turned on
  2. On the server pushed the number 2 key FailOver
  3. I turned off the server 2 added RAM and again turned it on.
  4. I hit the key rebalancer (waited to synchronize data)
  5. On the server pushed the number 1 key FailOver
  6. turned off the server 1 added RAM and again turned it on.
  7. I hit the key rebalancer (waited to synchronize data)

Developers said that data and transactions are all. What I meant is that you can do.