What is the best practice when scaling out Couchbase cluster?

Hi, we are currently using Couchbase 4.5 community version on PROD servers.
We have 11 nodes in total with 250GB data on it. We are planning to expand this cluster to support more documents and preparing to scale out Couchbase cluster first.
We are wondering what is the best practice to add servers and rebalance?
We were used to do it one server per rebalance at a time. But for this time, it will be quite time-consuming because we are using VIEW on Couchbase, which greatly slows down the rebalance process. So we are thinking is it a good practice to add and rebalance multiple servers at a time?

Thank you in advance.

You may be able to simulate various rebalance scenarios on smaller scale using Vagrant boxes from couchbaselabs https://github.com/couchbaselabs/vagrants, there is also a tool cbc-pillowfight which is a part of the C SDK - this may help with simulating load.
This may not be a direct answer to your question but may be worth trying.

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