How to prepare Database Schema on Couchbase Server Console

Im working on Node.JS SDK on my server for communicating to Couchbase Server and Database . i want to build API calls for storying and retrieving data into/from Couchbase Server Documents. So i want to build a predefined Schemas for Documents in Couchbase Server.

** Is there any tool available for prepare document schemas in Couchbase server.**

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, you should take a look at Ottoman. It’s our Couchbase ODM project. There’s more about it here:

Also we started a webinar series about it.

@ldoguin, Thanks i will check it.

In addition to what @ldoguin mentioned, you may want to try going through the node.js tutorial if you haven’t already. It’ll give you a sense of how to develop the objects/schema in the context of building an application.

@ingenthr, Thanks. Im following [node.js tutorial] too (

Take a look at our visual data modeling tool for Couchbase at

Our visual data modeling tool for Couchbase dynamically generates Ottoman scripts!