A Couchbase ODM


A few months ago I started working with Couchbase for a client of mine, and ended up working on an ODM to make things easier for me. I know there are a couple of other ODM type things for couchbase out there, but this one I came up with to deal with a few specific client-requirements that I couldn’t hash out in the other ones.

Available Here:


I’d really like some critique, or just people to try it out if they’re interested. I’ve been working on it for a while and only just now decided to do a public release. I’m currently using it in a number of production projects, and it’s pretty stable, but I haven’t had very many eyes on this beside my own.

note: A few bits were inspired by Ottoman, as it was my main model when I started; so there might be a couple similarities.

another note: The docs are kind of sparse, but I plan to fix that in the coming week.

another another note: Happy Easter!


Excellent Work! This is superb.

Thanks for the kind words!

I’ve started working on improving the documentation, using the ol’ github wiki and updating the readme for the Couchbase Adapter.

Hopefully making it easier for anyone wanting to try this out. :smile: