How to pass SSL certificate to Couchbase in Capella?

I work for a Data Modeler tool. As shown below, I am trying to make a RESTful api request ( GET pools/default/buckets/) to the Couchbase server which is in Capella by using Python 3.11.x. language.

Could you please suggest me how to pass the security certificate along with the RESTful api request?

I am using below code to make a request without certificate.

*import requests*

*resp = requests.get("https://<hostname>:18091/pools/default/buckets/", auth=(db_user, db_pass), verify=False)*
*print(resp.status_code, resp.text)*

Thanks in advance,

Hi @SrinivasB - is there a reason you’re trying to do this directly with REST rather than using the built-in functions of the Python SDK? Provisioning Cluster Resources | Couchbase Docs

Hi @perry,
I am needing bucket’s all the properties (which we can see in Bucket’s edit window on Couchbase Server WebUI) including Auto-Compaction settings, count of documents available in the bucket. By using built-in functions of the Python SDK, I am unable to get these details.
Please let me know if there is a possibility to get those details by using Python SDK.

Along with the above details, I need to care about below points also.

  • I want to create a bucket with all it’s settings including Auto-Compaction settings.

  • I wan to create a user with the roles and groups.

  • I want to read all users along with their roles and groups information

If you can provide these along with Python SDK, I will be more happy…

Thanks and Regards,

Understood @SrinivasB and thanks for the additional details. Just to confirm - are you working with Couchbase Capella or Couchbase Server in this case? Given that Couchbase Capella is a managed service, these sort of management APIs are going to differ slightly from Couchbase Server so I want to make sure I am giving you the best guidance.

Thank you @perry for your concerns.
Actually, I work for Data Modeler tool. Hence, I need both (Couchbase Serer and Couchbase Capella) cases.

For the information which I mentioned in my previous post, I need to depend on RESTful APIs. If you can be able to provide that information with Python SDK, I am glad about that.

Thanks & Regards,

Thank you again @SrinivasB . For Couchbase Capella, we’re in the process right now of implementing an updated set of management APIs that will be much more comprehensive than what is currently available. I think it might make sense for you to join our Discord server and discuss with me and others more directly as you’re working through each of your requirements. Would that work for you?

Yes @perry. I’m glad for that. Please let me join in the discussion group.
Thanks and Regards,

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