Couchbase Capella Connection

Hi, I need some suggestion for Couchbase Capella.

I see in my dashboard have a domain e.g : cb.???

How to connect to Couchbase Capella? we want to try it using the REST API of Couchbase Server?
How to connect there using CURL?

Thank you for the decision to explore Couchbase Capella and your questions.
As mentioned, under Connect tab you can find a Wide Area Network endpoint which needs to be used to connect to the platform.
Please ensure to add your public IP to Managed Allowed IP list and create Database Credentials. Both can be found under Connect tab.

There are several ways of connecting to Couchbase Capella:

  1. SDK examples, located under Connect tab, provide code examples for various programming languages

  2. RESTful Public APIs. You can create your keys under Management API Keys page
    For more on Public APIs, please read the documentation

  3. using curl. To archive this, these are some steps required:

  • resolve the Wide Area Network SRV record to get a node record:
    nslookup -type=SRV _couchbases._tcp.<Wide_Area_Network_record>

  • run the following command:
    curl -k -u databaseuser:databasepassword https://<node_record_after _resolution>:18091/pools --insecure

Hopefully, it answers your questions