How to install Spark Connector in couchbase cluster

Hello Everyone

We have a couchbase cluster (3-node) installed and running. We need to install the Spark Connector 2.4 for this cluster.
I have gone thru the doc at

Current Release 2.4.0

The connector is currently compiled against Scala 2.12 to comply with Spark 2.4. Here is the coordinate for the artifact:

  • GroupId: com.couchbase.client
  • ArtifactId: spark-connector_2.12
  • Version: 2.4.0

Please help me how to understand the above to install/configure Spark connector for my couchbase cluster. I didnt find much help on maven central also, please help me !!

thanks in advance.

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@veerasr Can you look here? this has the details you are looking for