Couchbase Spark Connector to support Spark 2.0

Do you plan to support Spark 2.0 in the near future? Preview is out for a long time, a support due to the structured streaming would be awesome. We can’t wait to utilize it in our use-cases with Couchbase.

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@zoltan.zvara yes, Spark 2.0 is definitely on the roadmap but we are still waiting to see some of the internal bits stabilise. Once Spark 2.0 GA is released you can definitely expect a supporting release for the Couchbase Spark Connector afterwards.

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Spark 2.0 came out. Do you have any plans for the future regarding the connector? Any date? Thanks!

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I am also waiting for Couchbase Connector for Spark 2.0.
When does Couchbase plan to release ?

Thanks !


Any news on this issue?? I’m depending on Couchbase Spark Connector for Spark 2.0 as well.

Yes support is planned is for end of Q3/ start of Q4 - stay tuned!

I believe the current source on the github works with Spark 2.0.

When are you planning to release 2.0.0 version?

Hi All -
I’m happy to announce the release of the Couchbase Spark Connector 2.0, with support for Spark 2.0.

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