How to increase default 2.5 seconds timeout?


Some of my documents can be larger than 1mb. In my testing machine, I get the following error message with PHP SDK.

Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout

As far as I understand, the default timeout is set to 2.5 seconds.

How can I increase it? Is there a documentation for this?

Update: It looks like I can simply add operation_timeout to the connection string. The problem is that the couchbase waits for 20 seconds then shows the same error message when I set the value of the setting to 20 seconds.

Querying the document with command line cbq works just fine.

Do you mind sharing what operation you’re attempting when you see the timeout?

it is simply $bucket->get() operation.

It only happens when the document is large.

Hey @moon0326,

The behaviour you are describing is usually indicative of a network issue that exists between your PHP clients and Couchbase Server, or excessive load. If you increase your timeout from 2.5s to 20s, does the timeout still occur around the same time, or does it seem like the client is handling more requests, then failing?

Cheers, Brett


As I noted in the original post, it still shows the same behavior even with 20 seconds timeout.

I’m not doing anything fancy here though.

  1. Create a document with 1 mb content
  2. Use SDK $bucket->get(id of the doc)
  3. Get the error message

There is no load at all. I’m testing it on my local machine with a single document in the couchbase server. No one is accessing the server.

It sounds like my information is not enough. Are there any other ways that I can provide more information?

@brett19 // Do you have any idea on the issue? Still getting the same error. Increasing timeout does not help. It works perfectly fine for the small documents. I get over 1.5k ops.