How to get information about cluster's node status?

I want to get information about node status using Java API. But I only found method getAvailableServers() in CouchbaseClient class. It’s not quite what I need because this method considers the node available if its condition is not down (red status). But I can’t work in normal mode with Couchbase client, even if the status of the node is unhealthy (yellow status). Is there a method that provides detailed information about node’s status, something like this comand of curl curl -u admin:password

This seems to be enough for our purposes:

CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder builder = new CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder();

List observers = (List)builder.getInitialObservers();

observers.add(new ConnectionObserver() {
void connectionEstablished(SocketAddress sa, int reconnectCount) {
//do the white magic
void connectionLost(SocketAddress sa) {
//do the black magic

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The implementation of getInitialObservers is:

public Collection getInitialObservers() {
return Collections.emptyList();

So it won’t work.
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