How do I fetch the status of a Node in cluster using REST API


Iam working on an application which can detect a couchbase node failure (not responding, not taking traffic, completely down etc) in version 7.2.2.
Is there any REST API to get these details?
ex: GET /pools/nodes gives complete node details, rather the one which can tell if node is live. Based on the response a manual failover can be triggerred.


Hi, you can probably use the ping endpoint Admin REST API | Couchbase Docs

This page should give you more info Health Check | Couchbase Docs

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The SDKs do this internally. Is there some functionality that’s missing?

I have two single node clusters. Would like to write an application which can contastly checks the status of the nodes and report if any is not accessible.

See cluster.waitUntilReady(). You would have to catch the timeout exception if anything was down.

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