How to escape special characters in password for using eventing REST API

example →

curl -v -GET http://Username:p@$$word@

getting below error →
curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

@jon.strabala , need your help

i have used like below - it worked.

curl -X GET -u ‘Username:p@$$word’ ‘http://’


Glad it work sorry I just saw this.

Typically I like to set CB_USERNAME and CB_PASSWORD as environment variables. I don’tlike putting credentials in the URL.

Then I use:

curl -v -u ${CB_USERNAME}:${CB_PASSWORD}

thanks, @jon.strabala - did the same.

off the topic, is there a way we can call these URLs on HTTPS over HTTP?

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Yes http → https 8096 → 18096 and you may need a -k option

curl -k -v -u ${CB_USERNAME}:${CB_PASSWORD}

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