Couchbase Eventing CURL not taking header value

I am using CURL function in eventing. But, It seems It’s not reading my header value.
The below is the example:
var request = {
path: '/test,
header: [‘AppKey:something’],
body: { id :,
value : doc
var response = curl(‘POST’, updateData, request);

I am executing above curl. It’s able hit URL but returning error because of missing header.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Viren,

Make sure you close your strings e.g. for the path: and follow the syntax in the spec correctly.

The following should get you going and pass your custom header.

var request = {
    path: '/test',
    headers: {
        'AppKey': 'something'
    body: {
        id :,
        value : doc
var response = curl('POST', updateData, request);

As far as the syntax is concerned refer to and model your headers: block after either params: or body:

Thanks… got it. @jon.strabala